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A Montreal based full-stack web developer who loves learning and trying out new things. This blog is my attempt to document my work as well as a place to discuss ideas or topics that I find interesting. Feel free to follow me on linked social networks.


Hi all and welcome to my personal site/blog. I like to this of this as a place where I can share my deepest thoughts and emotions write about stuff that come to mind during my day-to-day life. With me being a software developer, you can probably guess the trending topic of most of my blog - but I will try to throw in some non-technical posts here and there.

These posts are mostly just my opinnions on the subject. That being said, if you don't agree or feel a need to add to any of my posts, please feel free to do so.

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Unfortunately I can’t talk about the projects I am working on at my current work place, but I can talk about my own personal projects. I am currently working on a project called Party Stream

Party Stream

The idea of this app came to me when I kept hearing that my friends and family still exchange pictures on “CD”. So, I decided to make an application that would help them share pictures through the cloud in real-time.

User’s would be able to have free Public events (visible by anyone) and Private events (visible only to invited users). As of now, the app would be free to start with a base package. A future premium service will be available that will allow users to have more space and create private events.

Once photos are uploaded, users can view the pictures through the mobile or web applications. They will also eventually be able to download the pictures onto their desktops - just as if they had got them on a “CD”.

There are loads of other unique functionalities in the pipeline, but that’s what we are aiming to release in our first revision.

The app will be cross platform, with versions on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and the Web.