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The Inevitable?

After my post about Microsoft – and how much I enjoy using their products – I began to wonder: why are so many people still using their products?

I recently read this article by Mike Elgan and am now a firm believer that it's only a matter of time before Apple and Google become the dominant parties in the industry - even though they practically are already. I think Mike's prediction of how Microsoft will eventually lose all of it's strength in the business and enterprise markets is spot-on.

As of now, only newer companies are adopting the "BYOD" concept, as the legacy companies are still depending on Microsoft products to run their companies. The bottom line is, those old-fashioned companies will eventually be forced to make the switch if Microsoft continues going down it's current path. This is due to the fact that the majority of the population uses Apple,Google or Linux based devices. And if people are no longer using Microsoft based devices for their personal use, well then why would they want to use it in their work place?

The only way for Microsoft to survive is to adapt and learn from what Apple and Google are offering their customers. Because clearly, that's what people want.