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Google Chrome's User Switch

I was recently shown the user switcher in Google's Chrome Browser. This feature allows you to have multiple browsers open under different google accounts. We happen to use google for our company accounts and so I now have one browser opened with my work account, and another with my personal one. This allows to keep work and personal stuff separated - which is fantastic!


For those who don't already know about this, you can setup multiple accounts by doing the following:

  • Go into the browser's settings and click "Show advanced settings..."
  • Under "Users" click the button "Add new user..."
  • Enter your credentials

You should now see a profile on the top right of the browser with the active user for that browser instance. To open a new browser under your other accounts, simply click on the user and select the account you'd like to switch to.

Switching Active Users

Jump to Android?

With the recent release of the Nexus 5, I've been really tempted to make the jump to Android. Google seems to be doing a really good job of competing with Apple by releasing their newest phone at half the price. There are two main concerns I have with switching to android from iOS.


With most of my friends and family using iPhones, most of my messaging is in blue instead of green. By switching to Android, I would be losing that convenience. However, with the release of KitKat, they seemed to have integrated hangouts into their SMS app. And hangouts is basically my second most used IM protocol. And with the habgouts app on iOS, I still still get to communicate with all my iPhone friends!

Screen Size

I don't know why, but it seems people like having big phones. I feel like every new phone that comes out is thinner but larger then the previous model. And people like it. It baffles my mind. How can anyone enjoy holding a pad of paper up to their ear. Now with the rumors that the iPhone 6 will most probably be joining the large screen party, the jump to a larger phone is no longer avoidable.

There's not doubting that the top two smartphones on the market today are either running Android or iOS. The only difference is, Android devices offer different flavors of the OS depending on the device. And the reason for this is while Android is open source, Google has been keeping it's cooler features for it's own hardware and left it up to the other Android adopters to implement their own flavors of the functionality. And it seems this will be extremely obvious in the latest KitKat release on the Google Nexus 5.

Ars posted a really good article on this topic: Google’s iron grip on Android: Controlling open source by any means necessary

After reading that article, it seems that the top two phones will eventually be the iPhone and Google's Nexus (as the Android flagship device). That being said, I'm still on the fence about making the switch, but I must say that this is the closest I have ever gotten to making the switch. My girlfriend was lucky enough to get an order in for the Nexus 5 on release day. I'm planing on playing around with it before I make my final decision. I will keep you guys posted on what I decide to do.

#hackmtl JavaScript Hackathon!


This weekend Anna, Graham and I participated in the [#hackmtl][3] hackathon. It was a javascript hackathon inviting people to create web apps and chrome extensions. The venue ended up being at the top of Montreal's Olympic Stadium Tower. It was probably the coolest place they could have chosen to host the event.

Can you spot us?


For the hackathon, we decided to make a Meme manager. Somewhere you can easily collect your favorite gifs/pictures with easy access to that you can quickly post them on forums, chats etc. We also included a quick search so that you can quickly search for some on the web. The code is up on github and is free to use. There are still a couple of kinks in it that we weren't able to iron out by the end of the hackathon, but we will be fixing those soon.

We really enjoyed the hackathon and wanted to thank everyone who made it possible. They did a bang-up job and we would definitely go to the next one :)

Go to the blog post on #MtlStartupTalent to read more about it.