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Quick update

Hey all. Just wanted to post a quick update on my progress.

After my last post, Amazon had announced that it has now supported Node.js with AWS. I was relieved to see that as I wasn't too thrilled about using a a library that may or may not be maintained in the short term. 

The GitHub project for the SDK is pretty good. I've been able to painlessly upload test files to my S3 storage from my application and have already begun creating my module. To all those that were looking to integrate AWS with their Node.js application, it's now a npm command away.

Aside from API development, I have decided to begin working on a front-end website that will give a preview of the app so that I can start announcing it to the world and see if there is any demand for it. As of now I'm going to be using Twitter's Bootstrap along with LaunchRock for the initial sign-ups for people who want to get into the beta when it is available in 2013. I will post the link to the website once it's ready, so keep an eye out.